[tex-live] A query related to "auxtrees"

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Dec 9 06:04:29 CET 2018

Hi Pablo,

> I think instead of "delete" (show tlmgr: unknown auxtrees operation:
> delete) I should say "remove"

Maybe we can add an alias to treat remove the same way as delete.

> 2. To use "auxtrees" need "sudo" and the directories will be available
> to all system users

Yes and No.

Yes, by default it edits the global texmf.cnf.
No, because you can use
	--conffile /path/to/your/private/texmf.cnf
to edit the one you want to use.

> And here's my question: is there any way that "auxtrees" write only
> for my, something like "auxtrees-usr"?

See above. Use it with your 
*should* work ...


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