[tex-live] Building the "TeX in Practice" format and saving it in a sensible location

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Dec 2 20:59:39 CET 2018

David Carlisle wrote:
> Phil
> xetex --help
> lists its command line arguments, one of which is --ini

Ah, two consecutive hyphens — I rarely think of that.  I tried all four of "/?", "-?", "/h" and "-h", but none helped.  OK, so I can now build the format; how, please, do I persuade it to save the format file under TEXMFLOCAL and not the (very obscure, and somewhere I would never think to look) default location ?

Joseph Wright wrote:
> The switch is -ini
> Joseph

Thank you both.
** Phil.
Philip Taylor

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