[tex-live] tl2016,tl2018: broken psnup shipped

Ilya Zakharevich nospam-abuse at ilyaz.org
Fri Aug 31 01:16:43 CEST 2018

With (at least) tl2016 and tl2018 the compiled psnup is ignoring the
arguments (at least -H, -W — and probably -h -w as well).

The version is tl2009 is OK.  [Checked on Windows 7.]


The first time I saw this bug was in the end of '90s IIRC (it was an
update in Solaris which broke it — I needed to fall back to the
previous binary version.)  I think that at the time is was widely
known that one should avoid the newer version! 

Do not know how it happened that the broken version squeezed in
between tl2009 and tl2016…


The version of tl2009 reports:

..._utils\local\psnup2009.exe release 1 patchlevel 17
Copyright (C) Angus J. C. Duggan, 1991-1995. See file LICENSE for details.
Usage: ...._utils\local\psnup2009.exe [-q] [-wwidth] [-hheight] [-ppaper] [-Wwidth] [-Hheight] [-Ppaper] [-l] [-r] [-c] [-f] [-mmargin] [-bborder] [-dlwidth] [-sscale] [-nup] [infile [outfile]]

The version of tl2018 reports

psnup 1.23
(c) Reuben Thomas <rrt at sc3d.org> 2014
(c) Angus J. C. Duggan 1991-1997
See file LICENSE for details.
Usage: psnup [-q] [-wWIDTH] [-hHEIGHT] [-pPAPER] [-WWIDTH] [-HHEIGHT] [-PPAPER] [-l] [-r] [-c] [-f] [-mMARGIN] [-bBORDER] [-dLWIDTH] [-sSCALE] [-NUP] [INFILE [OUTFILE]]



ps2ps ....\TeXLive-2018.zip\tlpkg\dviout\GRAPHIC\bmc\createbb.pdf createbb.ps
psnup      -pletter  -H704 -W488 -m8  -2 createbb.ps >createbb-2018.ps
psnup2009  -pletter  -H704 -W488 -m8  -2 createbb.ps >createbb-2009.ps
ps2pdf createbb-2018.ps
ps2pdf createbb-2009.ps

Observe how createbb-2018.pdf fits on the page — while
createbb-2009.pdf does NOT — AS IT SHOULD with provided options.

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