[tex-live] Is the TeX Live 2018 installer (for Windows) considerably slower than previous years

Philip Taylor (RH-UoL) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Aug 27 17:21:08 CEST 2018

Hallo Lars —

Lars Madsen wrote:
> How exactly are you installing from the local copy?
> Here is what I do:
> Inside the rsynced copy of the tlnet structure I run the copy of the 
> installer found there.
> The installation material is automatically detected as being in a 
> relative folder (relative to the location of install-tl-advanced.bat) 
> and it automatically uses the local one.
> Have you instead unzipped the rsynced copy of install-tl.zip
> and is running the installer from the generated folder? Because that 
> will never pick up the local installation folder.

No, I haven't unzipped that file at all.  I am now re-installing using 
"Install-TL-Advanced.bat", and all seems to be proceeding smoothly; I 
suspect that on the previous occasion I may, in an attempt to avoid the 
need to specify the root directory as three separate components, I ran 
the installer executable directly rather than via the CMD file (I didn't 
success in my attempt, but that is nonetheless probably what happened).

> Go back to the root of the rsynced copy of tlnet, and run the copy of 
> the installer that is right there. It should be the same as in the zip 
> file anyway.

Yes, it is indeed now installing cleanly — I just hope it completes 
without error !
** Phil.
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