[tex-live] Problem with 'mathtext' package after update of 'cyrillic' one

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Apr 9 12:04:48 CEST 2018

Hello David, and – after a looong time – hello Vladimir!

> It's been reported on the texlive list that there is an issue with
> mathtext.sty in the new latex release which essentially preloads
> \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc]
> \mathtext.sty defines \DeclareFontEncoding@; inputenc's utf8 support
> redefines it again (to load dfu files for the unicode range covered
> by the font) so previously it worked but now as utf8 is already in
> force the utf8.def does not get reloaded and so mathtext.sty
> definition stays in force and the t2.dfu file is not loaded in the
> example at the end

Uh, oh, a ghost from the past!  I can't remember at all that I wrote
\DeclareTextMathSymbol... :-)

> A simple fix would be to add dfu loading to mathtext's version of
> \DeclareFontEncoding@ something like:
> \def\DeclareFontEncoding@#1#2#3{%
>   \expandafter
>   \ifx\csname T@#1\endcsname\relax
>      \def\cdp at elt{\noexpand\cdp at elt}%
>      \xdef\cdp at list{\cdp at list\cdp at elt{#1}%
>                     {\default at family}{\default at series}%
>                     {\default at shape}}%
>      \expandafter\let\csname#1-cmd\endcsname\@changed at cmd
>      \expandafter\let\csname#1-tmcmd\endcsname\@changed at tmcmd
> % add
>     \begingroup
>       \wlog{Now handling font encoding #1 ...}%
>       \lowercase{%
>         \InputIfFileExists{#1enc.dfu}}%
>            {\wlog{... processing UTF-8 mapping file for font %
>                       encoding #1}}%
>            {\wlog{... no UTF-8 mapping file for font encoding #1}}%
>     \endgroup
> % end addition
>   \else
>      \@font at info{Redeclaring font encoding #1}%
>   \fi
>   \global\@namedef{T@#1}{#2}%
>   \global\@namedef{M@#1}{\default at M#3}%
>   \xdef\LastDeclaredEncoding{#1}%
>   \DeclareSymbolFont{#1letters}{#1}\rmdefault\mddefault\updefault
>   }

Thanks, looks good!  Vladimir, can you add this and quickly do a new
release so that a fix is available in the forthcoming TeXLive release?
IIRC, it was always you who did releases of T2 stuff...


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