[tex-live] About repository option in tlmgr

Angelo Graziosi angelo.g0 at libero.it
Sun Apr 1 16:48:58 CEST 2018

I can access a local computer (a MBP) by means of SSH from a GNU/Linux machine:

  ssh utente at mbp

This MBP has a local mirror of a TL repo: /Users/utente/tlrepo.

I tried to update the GNU/Linux installation of TL with:

  tlmgr --repository utente at mbp:tlrepo update --list

but it fails:

  Cannot determine type of tlpdb from /home/utente/utente at mbp:tlrepo!
  tlmgr: Cannot load TeX Live database from /home/utente/utente at mbp:tlrepo

(With the same result, I also tried: tlmgr --repository utente at mbp:/Users/utente/tlrepo update --list)

So, is there a way to do the job or "tlmgr --repository" doesn't support this definitively?


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