[tex-live] Please update aastex in texlive-publishers

Singer, Leo P. (GSFC-6610)[OAK RIDGE ASSOCIATED UNIVERSITIES (ORAU)] leo.p.singer at nasa.gov
Wed Oct 25 18:09:00 CEST 2017

Uwe Siart <usenet at siart.de> writes:

> <leo.p.singer at nasa.gov> writes:
>> AASTeX, the LaTeX class used by the Astrophysical Journal and the
>> Astrophysical Journal Letters, has been updated and version 6.1 is
>> available (http://journals.aas.org/authors/aastex.html). Is it
>> possible to please add aastex61.cls to texlive-publishers?
> Concerning TeX development I am just a casual bystander. But as far as I
> understand only packages and updates that are uploaded to CTAN will make
> it in TeX Live. Certainly, we can't expect TL maintainers to permanently
> scan the entire web for anything that might be useful.
> So the actual contact persons would be the aastex developers. If they
> upload 6.1 to CTAN it will end up in Tex Live - otherwise it won't.
> However, after reading
> <http://journals.aas.org/authors/aastex/linux.html>
> I got the impression that they might have their reasons for not
> releasing it to CTAN.


I contacted the journal and immediately got a response from Greg Schwarz, the AAS Journals Data Editor, that updating AASTeX in CTAN was on his radar. He has been uploading it routinely:


But he hasn't updated 6.1 yet because he is working on a few bug fixes first.


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