[tex-live] Bug report for pdfTeX

Duncan Steele duncan at vallettaventures.com
Fri Oct 20 12:29:04 CEST 2017

I am not sure if this is the correct place to send this bug report, if it is not, please let me know and I’ll post it to the correct list.

I work on Texpad, a LaTeX editor for macOS/iOS and we have come across what we believe to be a bug.  I have constructed a bash script to reproduce this bug (tested on macOS 10.12 with case insensitive HFS+, and on macOS 10.13 with APFS).

Running the script will create 3 pdfs in the /tmp/rootdir folder, all of which I believe should come out the same, however the 3rd pdf is missing some content.  This is because a subfile has not been loaded when I think it should be.  This happens when there is both a <somename.tex> file and a <somename> folder in the output folder, the <somename.tex> file will not be used.  It does not happen if it is not in an output folder, and it does not happen if that <somename> folder is not there.

I have attached the script and also uploaded as a gist here https://gist.github.com/vallettaventures/484ff776d045422b07b369c905e2a3f3 <https://gist.github.com/vallettaventures/484ff776d045422b07b369c905e2a3f3>

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