[tex-live] betterbib

Petra Ruebe-Pugliese petra at ctan.org
Fri Oct 13 13:59:03 CEST 2017

On Friday 13 October 2017 at 20:43:31 +0900  Norbert Preining <norbert at preining.info> wrote:

 [WRT automated uploads to CTAN:]

> I think they might be open to suggestions, but since all are volunteers (not like
> github etc staff) implementing things takes time, or patches from contributors ;-)

 AFAIK our webmaster has been thinking about such an interface
 for a _long_ time, but it seems that this is more complicated
 than expected, and then the backend doesn't seem to be
 100% stable either ...

 In any case:  given that all the uploads are checked by hand
 (although with the help of some tools) and then installed one
 by one, I would be a little scared of uploads arriving with
 a github-like frequency ... ;-)

   All the best
       Petra  (from CTAN)

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