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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Oct 3 00:47:18 CEST 2017

Hi Johannes,

to add to what Karl has said, here a short list of things I do in
Debian where I use the Build/source hierarchy for building "binary"
packages and use the Master (or in fact tlnet checkout) for building
the "arch=all" architecture independent packages.

To avoid duplication of files installed from the one and the other
several things has to be done *after* the staged installation but
before packing up. This is the *Debian* way but not all of it is 
necessary. I prefer having all the arch=all (architecture independent)
files as much as possible in the arch=all packages, and keep the
arch=any package containing mostly only actual binaries.
(Mostly because I update arch=all more often, arch=any practically never)

In the texlive-bin (from Build/source) package(s):
- remove all of shared directory (texlive/texmf*)
- remove several man pages (latex, pdflatex, ....)
- remove tex4ht links in bin
- remote all the files and links installed by
  (see below)

In the texlive-nonbin (from tlnet/Master) packages:
- add the files from 
  (see scripts.lst file)

It all needed a bit of iterations, but well, that is what I came up for
Debian and it is running since about 10 years in this style.

All the best


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