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Robert Alessi alessi at robertalessi.net
Sun Mar 5 14:17:40 CET 2017

Hi list (and Hi Karl),

May I forward this question I asked this morning and the reply that I
just got from Gerd?

A bit of context: I am the author of the arabluatex package which is
licensed under the terms of the GPL v3, and is part of TeXLive too.

I am thinking of choosing a license for the documentation and was
considering CC BY-CA as a possible option.

Would that choice be ok for TeXLive?



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Hi Gerd,

On Sun, Mar 05, 2017 at 12:56:17PM +0100, Gerd Neugebauer wrote:
> > For the documentation, I was considering CC BY-SA, but I saw that this
> > license is not listed among the possible choices in the upload form on
> > CTAN. Is that to say that the maintainers of packages are discouraged
> > from adopting CC BY-CA?
> No, it just means that way back in the last millenium when the list has been collected nobody thought about theis alternative.
> We are in the process of renewing the upload page. Then more licenses will be listed for selection.
> In any case it is your software. You decide about the license. Just be aware that non-free licenses might ban your sofftware from distributions like TeXLive -- not from CTAN. But CC BY-SA should not be a problem.
> In any case you should provide an exact name -- including version -- as defined by Creative Commons.
> [...]
Many thanks for this quick reply.  Now I understand much better how
things have been done over the past years.

I'll drop a line to Karl Berry later on just to be absolutely sure
that CC BY-CA license is ok for TexLive too: I could not stand not
even for a second being banned from CTAN or TeXLive!

One final question: if I choose CC BY-CA for the documentation, what
should I pick in the list that is currently presented by the upload

> Ciao
> Gerd


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