[tex-live] Broken error code logic in install-tl/do_path_adjustments

Erlend Graff erlend.graff at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 19:17:40 CEST 2017

Hello all,

I think I've found a small error in the latest install-tl script (rev 44872
of 2017-07-23).
I noticed that the installer returned an error code 1 after a seemingly
successful install. After some debugging, I found in
the do_path_adjustments sub-routine of install-tl that the logic has been
slightly changed for the code that adds symlinks.

This is the problematic code:
    if (!TeXLive::TLUtils::add_symlinks($vars{'TEXDIR'},
         $vars{'tlpdbopt_sys_bin'}, $vars{'tlpdbopt_sys_man'},
         $vars{'tlpdbopt_sys_info'})) {
      $ret = 1;

>From what I can tell, the problem is that add_remove_symlinks in TLUtils.pm
returns $F_OK (which has the value 0) if it completes successfully, so the
error test in the if statement above seems to be inverted.

Erlend Graff
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