[tex-live] Debian TeXLive messing up TL 2016

Paul Vojta vojta at math.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 23 22:47:34 CET 2017

After "apt-get remove latex2html", try "apt-get autoremove"

To avoid automatic installation of the Debian/Ubuntu TL, learn how to
use the "equivs" package.

Paul Vojta

On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 11:05:12AM -0800, Paulo Ney DE SOUZA wrote:
> What is the best strategy to follow when Debian/Ubuntu TL installation
> messes up ones standard TL installation. Here is an example:
> If you install TL'16 and all of a sudden need one of the LaTeX to HTML
> translators (HeVeA, Tralics, LaTeX2HTML, ...) most of them are not part of
> TL'16, but Ubuntu prompt happily inform you that they are available from
> the repositories.
> At that point if you execute:
>     apt-get install latex2html
> AND you have a personal (local) texmf tree, it will install 1.2 Gig of
> Ubuntu TL on your machine and it will install a 20-year old version of
> "url.sty" on your local texmf tree that will take precedence of the
> standard url.sty from TL'16 and will mess just about everything in your
> installation including Biblatex.
> At that point executing
>     apt-get remove latex2html
> you will get the surprise that it will remove only 5 Megabytes of stuff and
> you are left with a non-working TL installation.
> What is the best strategy here - to start with a fresh install ?
> Paulo Ney de Souza
> UC Berkeley

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