[tex-live] Debian TeXLive messing up TL 2016.

Paulo Ney DE SOUZA paulo at berkeley.edu
Sun Jan 22 19:45:35 CET 2017

What is the best strategy to follow when Debian/Ubuntu TL installation
messes up one standard TL installation. Here is an example:

If you install TL'16 and all of a sudden need one of the LaTeX to HTML
translators (HeVeA, Tralics, LaTeX2HTML, ...) most of them are not part of
TL'16, but Ubuntu prompt happily inform you that they are available from
the repositories.

At that point if you execute:

    apt-get install latex2html

AND you have a personal (local) texmf tree, it will install 1.2 Gig of
Ubuntu TL on your machine and it will install a 20-year old version of
"url.sty" on your local texmf tree that will take precedence of the
standard url.sty from TL'16 and will mess just about everything in your
installation including Biblatex.

At that point executing

    apt-get remove latex2html

you will get the surprise that it will remove only 5 Megabytes of stuff and
you are left with a non-working TL installation.

What is the best strategy here - to start with a fresh install ?

Paulo Ney de Souza
UC Berkeley
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