[tex-live] Problem with XeTeX's (and perhaps other binaries -- not investigated) handling of --output-directory

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Jan 14 18:39:42 CET 2017

David Carlisle wrote:

>> E:\TeX\Projects\WBH\Welcome>xetex foo --output-directory=../dynamic-content 
>> (./foo.tex This is the intended foo.tex )
> isn't that just because the flags after the filename are ignored?

Silently ?! :-(

> Personally I'd just add it to the end of the list of reasons never to
> use --output-directory, although that list is so long, it's hard to
> find the end:-)

If (as I do) one uses Dropbox to mirror one's work for security, the last thing one needs is for Dropbox to continually synch one's ephemeral files (.aux, .log, .ind/idx, .pdf, etc), whence my unvarying use of --output-directory via TeXworks configuration options.

** Phil.

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