[tex-live] etex

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Wed Jan 11 16:37:02 CET 2017

Le 11/01/2017 à 13:39, David Carlisle a écrit :
> Like most programs they give 0 if the program only made warnings and not errors.
> It's easy enough to make these things an error via macros, in which case the exit status is non zero.
> ....

thanks again, I feel dumb about not having thought about \currentgrouplevel,
\currentiflevel, ... but I never used them before. This definitely looks like
something I will use and it will avoid grepping the log.

It is a work-around, and as I don't have in my mind a clear picture of all
kinds of warnings a TeX job can emit, I don't know immediately offhand
if I can handle all of them
thanks to the e-TeX primitives this way: I would need to dig into it...

By the way, I hope not to have given a too opinionated impression,
it is hard to discuss something without adding arguments, but
arguments take time to expose with completeness, so one quickly
ends up in essence just saying one does not like this or that
... just because it all takes time to be clearer.

I understand this is not
likely to created good enticement for those who are not
(initially...) of the same opinion to implement the changes ;-)

I could also now "complain" about batchmode printing a not very
useful banner and then not printing anything to stdout to signal
end of the job to human user ... ;-)

... but then I would have to "complain" about LuaTeX and XeTeX
in batchmode doing the same as PDFTeX... 

Best wishes,


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