[tex-live] urw35 base fonts on CTAN and TL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Sep 18 23:32:22 CEST 2016

Staszek - you are reviving this repeated-many-times-over-many-years
discussion as if something has changed?  As far as I can see, nothing
has changed.  The existing base35 fonts should not be
metric-incompatibly changed, in my opinion, and the experience so far is
that URW does not attempt to retain any compatibility.  Which is fine
for them, but not fine for the TeX world.

The new fonts could be released under new names, if it is worthwhile.

And, in fact, Michael Sharpe has already done that for the
times/helv/courier that were the previous release -- the result is his
nimbus15 package on CTAN and TL.  He invested a lot of effort in making
the previous "new" release actually usable.  I'll send you a proof of
his article about it, and I'll tell him about the new versions.

As for licensing, what could conceivably be useful is if URW released
the new versions under the LPPL so you could use them (ie, add Greek and
Cyrillic) in TeX Gyre.  I can't undertake that effort, but it would be
nice.  --best, karl.

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