[tex-live] dvipdfmx: Support for SVG-in-OpenType

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Tue Nov 29 03:08:46 CET 2016

On 28/11/2016 15:41, Hironobu Yamashita wrote:
> Does "libdpx" (included in the project below) have something to do
> with libtexpdf? Or, is "libdpx" helpful to you? 
> https://github.com/clerkma/ptex-ng

Interesting - I had not seen this! No, this is not related to libtexpdf
but obviously both of us had similar ideas.

I still think my idea is better (obviously!). ptexNg does not separate
out the PDF generation from the DVI processing, and it doesn't really
work as a hygienic library.

I think it's still worth trying to come up with a dvidpdfmx based on a
library like libtexpdf, because (if we can get it working) it gives a
clean separation of concerns between front and back end, as well as
providing a library which is generically useful for PDF generation in
other applications too.

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