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Tomalak Geret'kal tom at kera.name
Sat Nov 5 23:15:10 CET 2016

> Are you saying that I need to change my profile? 
> I guess so. Norbert, this actually seems like the place where we could
> do better: suppose a scheme-full (or scheme-anything) installation,
> without any further customization of collections in install-tl. I think
> the profile as written should not contain any collection lines, just the
> scheme line. Then, for people who use a scheme, changing collections has
> no impact. Wdyt?

I don't know what a scheme is.

>     This is quite a big breaking change, 
> I have to admit that editing one line in one text file, that you are
> obviously cognizant of, does not seem "big" to me.

It may only be one line to fix it, but the effect is absolute failure - almost none of my docs built any more due to suddenly missing packages. Also, the failure was completely silent at the installation phase (the installation should have error'd out rather than just ignoring the removed collection) and I had to update and rebuild all 6 build server configurations in order to get usable systems again.

That is a big breaking change.

>     Also, for future reference, what is the best way to find out about
>     this sort of change?
> Sorry, I don't know. rsync the tlpsrc directory and look for changes in
> the list of collection-* files? Get the commit mail, or svn log, or an
> svn checkout of tlpsrc, and filter similarly? 

Every day? Every week?

Ideally breaking changes would be announced on a mailing list, or in release notes.

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