[tex-live] texinfo not happy with texlive not producing log?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Nov 5 16:08:29 CET 2016

Hi Liviu,

> from https://github.com/sourcegraph/homebrew/blob/master/Library/Homebrew/blacklist.rb
>   when "tex", "tex-live", "texlive", "latex" then <<-EOS.undent
>     Installing TeX from source is weird and gross, requires a lot of patches,
>     and only builds 32-bit (and thus can't use Homebrew deps on Snow Leopard.)
>     We recommend using a MacTeX distribution: https://www.tug.org/mactex/
>     EOS

This is complete rubbish, I cannot even imagine who conjured this up
in a state of complete drunkness!

Any reasonable person can look into the bin directory and see that there
are definitely many different 64bit arch files.

> - downloaded install-tl-unx.tar.gz

Good idea.

> - copied the texlive.profile from MacTex

Not so good without adaption

> - edited it to use my local paths

You should have edited a bit more ...

> after a while (a long while),

Yes, because about 4G have been downloaded from a CTAN mirror.

> the install was ready (I'm convinced there are lots of options that I'll never use; btw, is there any documentation for the various options in the profile?)

Not really, because the idea is to use the install-tl script interactively.

> then I removed the /Library/TeX folder,

Not created by the install script but someone else.

> the /usr/local/texlive folder, 

Neither that has been created unless you specified this location as target.

> and lots of unwanted things from /usr/local/bin (I hate when tools used during my builds are in /usr/local, because I never know which tools the builds really use).

Hmmm, you have 
	option_path 0
in your profile. Are you sure that this file in /usr/local/bin were
generated by the installer? It *should*not*. If option_path 0 is set,
then no adjustment is done whatsoever.

> both qemu & openocd manuals were generated with this new setup, apparently without problems.

Of course, because that is how TeX Live is installed on tens of thousands of machines.

> any comments/suggestions?

Yes, run the installer once interactively to see what you are
talking about in the profile.

Hope that helps


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