[tex-live] paper size special

Markus Kohm komascript at gmx.info
Mon May 30 07:42:50 CEST 2016

Am Samstag, 28. Mai 2016, 23:41:44 schrieb David Carlisle:
> yes but (despite raising the issue) I'm not at all sure changing dvips
> after all this time
> would have any good consequences.

dvips set up page size only once: At the start of the document. Therefore 
hdvips.def (hyperref) uses, something like:


geometry and typearea:


typearea has also some crude code (with side effects for the logical page 
number) to change paper size inside the document, something dvips itself does 
not support.

With the code above it should not matter whether dvips uses the first or the 
last value of papersize. So changing of dvips should not break a lot of 
documents. If dvips would also allow to change the page size inside the 
document, the crude code in typearea could be removed by more clean code.

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