[tex-live] tl16 final(?) build tonight

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri May 20 00:00:19 CEST 2016

I've imported today's updates from CTAN (pstricks, tex-gyre-math,
mptopdf, csplain).  If tonight's build goes ok (last night's failed, for
stupid reasons -- my fault), I hope it will be the last one for the
official release => TL'16 => DVD'16.

That is, I don't plan to import more updates as a matter of course.
Indeed, barring bad bugs cropping up in the next couple days, I don't
plan to make any more commits of any kind.  If anyone else thinks they
need to make a commit, please write me first.

(I won't be surprised if we need to make a critical fix or two,
and that's ok.  It's just done "as far as I know".)

We will stay in this frozen state for at least a couple of days to have
a chance for final testing.  My plan is to turn the image over to
Manfred on Sunday for putting together the whole TeX Collection.  When
he and the other DVD testers (Klaus ...) deem it ok and send the final
image to manufacturing, I'll make the net release of TL'16 as usual.

Happy TeXing,

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