[tex-live] luaotfload not in latex-recommended

johannes at schoepfer.info johannes at schoepfer.info
Mon May 16 19:00:54 CEST 2016

On , Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 16 May 2016 at 10:12, jfbu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> for some reason I tried the basic scheme.
>> One can already use lualatex on sample2e. There is no fontspec
>> thus I installed the collection latex-recommended.
>> But one can not use lualatex on a document using fontspec
>> because luaotfload is not part of latex-recommended.
>> I needed to install
>> luaotfload
>> lualibs
>> luatex-def
>> and xunicode
>> which is a dependency of fontspec-luatex.sty.
>> I thus wonder why is fontspec in latex-recommended, I thought
>> perhaps for use with xelatex ? but then I realized that xelatex
>> is not available,  contrarily to lualatex, from having installed
>> only basic + latex-recommended.
>> (lualatex is there already from basic)
>> It thus appears that if fontspec is included in latex-recommended
>> then also luaotfload, lualibs, luatex-def and xunicode should be
>> because they are dependencies of fontspec under lualatex, and
>> one basic+latex-recommended as such does not provide xelatex
>> which is the other thing one could use with fontspec.
> There are two separate issues for two kinds of users:
> - those installing via tlmgr
> - those installing from the package manager
> For the first group of people by far the best solution would be to add
> all the required dependencies to
>     fontspec.tlpsrc
> Then anyone installing fontspec would also get all the dependencies
> automatically without having to change anything in the collections
> themselves.
> If someone can prepare a complete list of dependencies of fontspec, I
> can add them to tlpsrc. (Dependencies are fully supported with tlmgr,
> but having a complete list of dependencies has never been a priority
> for the TL team. If someone cares enough about adding dependencies for
> a particular package, they can easily be added though.)

 From the pov of tlmgr i suggest following changes to tlpdb:





This should fix the issues Francois reported and keeps xunicode in 
collection xetex. Users who want collection-latexrecommended but don't 
care about luatex/xetex aren't forced to grab fontspec.

> The question about the best collection for each package is still
> relevant for package managers though because inter-package
> dependencies are not tracked there.

I think packagers(I am a packager ;-)) have to take care what 
dependencies(fontspec is only useful with xetex/luatex as far i know) a 
collection has, otherwise all inter-package
dependencies had to be listet in each collection, which would be 
error-prone and confusing.


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