[tex-live] luaotfload not in latex-recommended

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon May 16 11:38:50 CEST 2016

On 16 May 2016 at 10:12, jfbu wrote:
> Hi,
> for some reason I tried the basic scheme.
> One can already use lualatex on sample2e. There is no fontspec
> thus I installed the collection latex-recommended.
> But one can not use lualatex on a document using fontspec
> because luaotfload is not part of latex-recommended.
> I needed to install
> luaotfload
> lualibs
> luatex-def
> and xunicode
> which is a dependency of fontspec-luatex.sty.
> I thus wonder why is fontspec in latex-recommended, I thought
> perhaps for use with xelatex ? but then I realized that xelatex
> is not available,  contrarily to lualatex, from having installed
> only basic + latex-recommended.
> (lualatex is there already from basic)
> It thus appears that if fontspec is included in latex-recommended
> then also luaotfload, lualibs, luatex-def and xunicode should be
> because they are dependencies of fontspec under lualatex, and
> one basic+latex-recommended as such does not provide xelatex
> which is the other thing one could use with fontspec.

There are two separate issues for two kinds of users:
- those installing via tlmgr
- those installing from the package manager

For the first group of people by far the best solution would be to add
all the required dependencies to
Then anyone installing fontspec would also get all the dependencies
automatically without having to change anything in the collections

If someone can prepare a complete list of dependencies of fontspec, I
can add them to tlpsrc. (Dependencies are fully supported with tlmgr,
but having a complete list of dependencies has never been a priority
for the TL team. If someone cares enough about adding dependencies for
a particular package, they can easily be added though.)

The question about the best collection for each package is still
relevant for package managers though because inter-package
dependencies are not tracked there.


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