[tex-live] Extending SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH support

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun May 1 23:26:47 CEST 2016

Hi Alexis,

thanks for your email and the patches, but allow me a few comments:
* don't send the same email 4 times, it doesn't improve your message
* this is the list for TeX Live development, not for development
  of the various engines. The developers of luatex, xetex, and pdftex
  are most probably *not* reading the list here. And we include 
  what *they* provide.

> However, I think this should be enhanced in the following ways:
> 1) make latex, lualatex, xelatex also honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH

latex etc are *formats* and it is completely irrelevant. What you
want to change is the engines pdftex, luatex, xetex.

The patches for the other engines look definitely worth considering,
and I consider sending it with explanations to the tex-k at tug.org
mailing list, which is a better place, as the development of TeX Live
will not change things in the engines. Also contacting the
developers of luatex and xetex for changes to their engines
will help.

All the best


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