[tex-live] Error installing install-tl-unx.tar.gz

Newman, Chuck chuck.newman at hpe.com
Mon Jun 20 17:00:58 CEST 2016

Norbert --

The server is on a hidden network (10. address) behind a server inside our corporate environment.  I suppose there are several ways the process could break down.  I am able to install .rpms from the web using yum, so not everything is broken.

I've decided instead to install from DVD, so am downloading the .iso image from my target machine:
	firefox 'http://mirror.unl.edu/ctan/systems/texlive/Images/texlive.iso'

I expect that should work well.  If not, I'll install on a different server and move /usr/local/texlive over to my target server.

Thank you for your quick replies.

							-- Chuck Newman
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Hi CHuck,

again, I am seriously believe that something in your network setup 
is broken. It seems that the proxy needs some login, or whatever.

> cannot contact mirror.ctan.org, returning a backbone server!

First of all, this is *strange*. It means that you cannot connect.

So my guess is the following:

Your proxy allows only a certain set of "User Agents" - that means
that a User Agent of LWP or so is blocked. That would explain

If you have
installed, can you try
	lwp-download http://mirror.ctan.org
and send the output of it, probably saved into "index" named file.


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