[tex-live] mirroring beebe's binaries

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Mon Jun 20 14:07:09 CEST 2016

>> This no longer works.
>> rsync://ftp.math.utah.edu/texlive/bin is no longer there.

That is because of a small change that I made yesterday after
prompting from Karl Berry about an inconsistency in naming.

% rsync rsync://ftp.math.utah.edu/
CTAN            all of ftp://ctan.tug.org/                                          [huge: > 31GB]
bib             TeX User Group bibliography archive                                 [> 5GB]
bibnet          BibNet Project bibliography archive                                 [about 0.3GB]
historic        archive of past TeX distributions and files                         [huge: > 150GB]
texlive         all of ftp://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub/ctan/tex-archive/systems/texlive [> 6GB]
texlive-pretest all of ftp://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub/texlive-pretest/                 [> 4GB]
TUHS            The Unix Heritage Society (TUHS) mirror                             [> 3GB]

Thus, you can pull the pretest tree with the binaries over like this:

	rsync -a rsync://ftp.math.utah.edu/texlive-pretest texlive-pretest

The pretest tree is not intended to be a part of TeX Live, just a place
where I can record experiences from building the system on many machines,
and deposit binaries for them.

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