[tex-live] General test suite for TeX-Live

Uwe Ziegenhagen ziegenhagen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 08:33:28 CEST 2016

I can't come to TUG, too many things keeping me busy here right now.
Automated testing is a good idea. I can start an Etherpad this weekend to
collect the requirements. Git is fine for me of course.


2016-06-18 7:59 GMT+02:00 Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:

> Hi Uwe,
> I think this is a nice idea, but needs good thinking. I don't want
> just a bunch of examples - all must be automatized and best
> included in our daily checks.
> I have pushed the L3 Team to include support for reproducible builds
> (SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH) into the l3build suite, and I am now working/thinking
> about setting up some environment so that package authors
> can upload tests, or we write them. These test would be run against
> l3build tester automatically during the nightly rebuild.
> For now I am thinking aobut hte following:
> * loading test:
>   - for every latex package (.sty file) if nothing is extra specified
>     for testts we try a simple document like:
>         \documentclass{article}
>         \usepackage{....}
>         \begin{document}Hellow Wolrd\end{document}
>     and make sure that hte generated pdf does not change under S_D_E
> settings.
>   - one can override the documentclass, engine, etc etc on a per sty
>     file
>   - one can submit more involved tests
> * other tests coming (combinations, user supplied)
> Well, that is all in very early stages and if I would have more
> time I would have written some code already - maybe during TUG 2016.
> Are you coming?
> Maybe intereted people can make a brain storming session during TUG.
> Also, I would prefer a git repository on github/lab or similar.
> On Sat, 18 Jun 2016, Uwe Ziegenhagen wrote:
> > I think it might be a good idea to create a general test suite for TeX
> Live
> All the best
> Norbert
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