[tex-live] Lollipop is broken in TeXlive 2016

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Fri Jun 17 05:18:28 CEST 2016

Dear Vafa,

> lollipop is broken in TeXLive 2016. Create a simple lollipop document

> \Start
> This is a test.
> \Stop

Here lollipop test.tex works fine with pdftex:

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.17 (TeX Live 2016/W32TeX) (preloaded format=lollipop)
restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
(./test.tex  >>>> This is Lollipop TeX (v1.07, 21 May 2016) <<<< (./test.aux)
[1.1] (./test.aux) )
Output written on test.dvi (1 page, 216 bytes).
Transcript written on test.log.

Generated test.dvi looks fine.
I think that pdftex is not incompatible with the Knuth TeX.
But Karl may change to use tex instead of pdftex if you want.


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