[tex-live] hyphen -- nearly all languages added by default

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Thu Jun 16 13:11:44 CEST 2016

Hi Werner,

> just get a report that language.dat nearly all hyphen are added by
> default (package  hyphen-base). What is the reason for this?

With the very unclear information it is hard to diagnose. Do
you speak about upstream TeX LIve (TUG) or the SuSE packaging?

I *can* imagine that you ship in the TL package the language.dat
that is included in TL - this is the one that containss *ALL*

FOr an actual installation the AddHyphen directives need to be
evaluated. In TeX Live from TUG the installer/tlmgr doe that 
and generates a fitting language.dat.

In Debian every package ships a snippet for language.dat (.def,dat.lua)
adn those are combined at installation time.

So bottomline: without further information it is hard to 
give a good explanation.

All the best


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