[tex-live] Xdvi not working

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sun Jun 12 16:01:12 CEST 2016

Le 12 juin 2016 à 15:50, Enrico Gregorio <enrico.gregorio at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Too bad indeed! Thanks for the effort.
> I don't think there are many people around who use Xdvi
> on Mac OS X;

indeed, but for info I do use xdvi sometimes, hence many thanks
for this whole thread which has led me to refuse the 2.7.9 install...
(on mavericks)



> it just happened that I wanted to check
> an answer also with it and, to my dismay, I discovered
> the problem.
> Let's hope the bug report about XQuartz succeeds.
> Otherwise, short instructions on how to compile Xdvi
> (possibly without building all the binaries) or a binary
> to download might be an acceptable workaround.
> Ciao
> Enrico
> 2016-06-12 3:30 GMT+02:00 Richard Koch <richardmoncriefkoch at icloud.com>:
> Karl wrote “How about if you send me an xdvi-for-xquartz-2.7.9 binary
> and I’ll make it available from the TL bugs page? Or you could make it
> available from the mactex page.”
> If only life were that simple. Our 64 bit binaries run on seven different
> versions of OS X:
>         Snow Leopard
>         Lion
>         Mountain Lion
>         Mavericks
>         Yosemite
>         El Capitan
>         The system Apple will unveil on Monday
> Every one of these could have several different versions of
> XQuartz. The current binaries work UNLESS XQuartz 2.7.9
> is installed. It can be installed on each of the seven systems.
> I happen to have two computers which can run Snow Leopard
> and two computers which can run El Capitan. So I installed XQuartz 2.7.9
> on one Snow Leopard computer and one El Capitan computer,
> and I recompiled xdvi on both. The Snow Leopard version
> doesn’t fix the problem on the El Capitan machine.
> The El Capitan version doesn’t even run on Snow Leopard.
> Thus potentially we might need seven different copies of xdvi-xaw
> for the seven systems when they are upgraded to XQuartz 2.7.9.
> I have computers running all seven systems, but I don’t want to install
> XQuartz 2.7.9 on the five remaining systems, for fear of making compiling
> and testing much harder in the future. Thus we’d need five
> people willing to sacrifice five systems for testing, and potentially
> compile five copies of the TeX Live binaries.
> Better to wait and see if my bug report to XQuartz yields any fruit.
> Dick

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