[tex-live] Error: Sorry---you've exceeded BibTeX's hash size 35307, Aborted at line xxx of file xxx

Michael Perryman mac.perryman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 10:13:27 CEST 2016

I get the above error when running BibTex (v0.99d, TexLive 2015). I am 
using TexShop v3.65 on Mac10.11.6

I have a .bib file with 13,000 entries (200,000 lines), and a Latex 
master file with various include files.

Various combinations run without problems (and I have been using a 
similar system for several years). The error occurs for the largest set 
of citation entries, but not for any specific include file. After 
careful checking, I am excluding the (standard) problems of unmatched 
braces, parentheses, mathmode ($) or similar.

The "abort" message occurs at different line numbers in the .bib file 
according to the set of include files used, again suggesting that it is 
not due to unmatched terms.

I conclude that it is some real "hash" size limit, but my technical 
competence does not allow me to investigate further (or modify system 

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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