[tex-live] Problems with piped input in XeTeX for Mac OS X

Enrico Gregorio enrico.gregorio at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 00:10:31 CEST 2016

Consider the following test file bug.tex



\input|"echo abc"


\input|"echo abc"


If I compile it with TeX Live 2016 on Mac OS X (MacTeX) using

    xetex -shell-escape bug

compilation fails with

    Error 32512 (driver return code) generating output;
    file bug.pdf may not be valid.

Actually I can't see that on the terminal that ends up dirty, I was able to
see the message using valgrind

If I run

    xetex -shell-escape -no-pdf bug

the xdv file is produced, but the second piped input returns nothing. I use
echo just by way of example: any other second piped input in the same page
returns nothing.

Indeed, if I uncomment the line between the two piped inputs, the normal
compilation fails again, but if I add -no-pdf the PDF file can be produced
and has “abc” on both pages.

Just to make things weirder, if a page is added before the first piped
input (remove the other comment characters), the PDF file is produced
directly, but it is two pages with or without the \vfill\eject between the
piped inputs, showing that the second one returns nothing.

Others tell me that the behavior is as expected on other platforms
(Gnu/Linux or CygWin).

Can somebody confirm?

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