[tex-live] Request special IEEE Computer Society paper size for dvips' config.ps

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Jul 15 14:23:30 CEST 2016

Hi Michael,

your requested paper size has already been added, but I still want
to answer a few of your questions for completeness.

> Lastly, I am aware of using the texmf-local tree to add local packages
> to a TeX Live installation. However, what about "local" configuration
> files? e.g., <texlive>/texmf-local/dvips/config/config.ps
> What is the recommended procedure for users to have "local" configuration
> files that override/supplement/append the default system configuration
> and which are not overwritten when the TeX Live system is updated
> or reinstalled?

It depends on whether the files are *stacked* or not-stacked.

Currently, the stacked config files I know of are:
an nothing else. The programs reading these files read *all* the found
files, and entries higher up in the hierarchy override earlier ones.

The other end are non-stacked, or let us say, normal input files. Most
of the files in TL fall into this category, including config.ps.
There, the first copy found wins. That means that copies in TEXMFLOCAL
will be used in preference over the ones in TEXMFDIST/MAIN etc.

But we recommend using this sparingly, because updates to the main
files will remain hidden until the local copy is deleted or updated.

All the best


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