[tex-live] luajittex glibc version and centos 5

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jul 6 00:16:29 CEST 2016

Hi Jared,

    > fmtutil [ERROR]: running `luajittex -ini   -jobname=luajittex
    > -progname=luajittex luatex.ini </dev/null' return status 1

Please run that command by hand in the shell and see why it is failing.
Or look for a luajittex.log file.

I build the i386-linux binaries for TL on, as it turns out, CentOS 5
(fully patched), for precisely the reasons you state.  And the luajittex
formats build for me.

Maybe you are on x86_64 and that accounts for the discrepancy?  Those
binaries were indeed built on a slightly newer system and thus could
result in the problem.

    > At the very least fmtutil needs to be fixed so that it doesn't fail

Our change to make fmtutil fail if a format fails to build was
intentional (i.e., to enable --strict by default), since that is, after
all, logical and almost always desirable.

Thus, assuming we can't make the formats work for you, it seems to me
the right thing is for you to disable the jit-related formats.
Regardless of what we do next year, we won't be rebuilding binaries now.

One kludgey way to do this would be, I think, to mv the binary to a
different name.

The clean way, I believe, would be to create
$TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/fmtutil.cnf with this line:

#! luajittex luajittex language.def,language.dat.lua luatex.ini

(General comments can be introduced with "# ".)

Sorry, I have no chance to actually test/verify either of these methods
right now.  Hope it flies.  -k

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