[tex-live] Found a problem at the formatting at the end of the row

Amico tibaldi.amos at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 07:52:00 CEST 2016

Hello to you.

Probably there is a bug in these three TeX packages:

ii  texlive
2014.20141024-2                      all          TeX Live: A decent
selection of the TeX Live packages
ii  texlive-base
2014.20141024-2                      all          TeX Live: Essential
programs and files
ii  texlive-binaries
2014.20140926.35254-6                amd64        Binaries for TeX Live

I don't understand why the most important formulas or sentences related to
maths and physics that I am still writing are always separated at the end
of the row and splitted in two different lines instead of being kept
together. I hope this is not a bug of this new version of TeX.

Thanks very much indeed for all the answers that you can give to me.

The TeX user Amos Tibaldi.

Amos Tibaldi
cell phone number: +39 3405594804
mail: tibaldi.amos at gmail.com
Via Strada Rizza 28 - Reggiolo (RE) - Italy
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