[tex-live] Class scrartcl Error: undefined old font command '\it' and '\rm'

Michael Berger idest at online.de
Fri Jul 1 16:08:04 CEST 2016

Hi Lars,
that is the mistery!
This error turned up AFTER I started using the laTest availabe TL2016, I 
never ever typed \is and/or \rm.
And I never saw this error when using TL2013 with LyX 2.1.

On 07/01/2016 03:43 PM, Lars Madsen wrote:
> in general where does those \it and \rm commands come from?
> They have been on the do-not-use list since the 1990'ies and thus should not be used at all.
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> Subject: [tex-live] Class scrartcl Error: undefined old font command '\it' and '\rm'
> Hi all,
> I am new to this list.
> I am heavily engaged in writing linguistic and engineering papers.
> I have Mageia5 x86:64  KDE which runs so far without any problems using
> texlive2013 and Lyx 2.1., both as standard installations using Mageia's
> software manger.
> Going for new features and latest improvements of LyX and KOMA I
> installed texlive2016 GUI and Lyx 2.2.0
> Now I am facing various problems, most annoying the one as per 'subject'.
> The mini file attached compiles if I add 'enabledeprecatedfontcommands'
> in Class options > Custom.
> This option works for the mini example with no no complaint although it
> is also already deprecated.
> However, using this very option in other (more complex) documents
> returns errors and plenty of warnings.
> Members of the lyx users lists could not help.
> Some suspect a conflict with the covington package, and of course in all
> my documents the module 'linguistics' is loaded.
> But now that I am addressing the 'real TeXers' hope comes up!
> (I am just an ordinary user!)
> Please, is somebody out there to resolve this?
> Thanks and cheers,
> Michael
> PS: the error occurs with both TL2013/LyX2.1 and TL2016/LyX 2.2.0 as well

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