[tex-live] dvipdfmx and dvips(k): different special psfile output

Ramón Casares papa at ramoncasares.com
Sun Feb 28 12:03:39 CET 2016

I have found what it seems a bug in dvipdfmx.
It happens using \special{psfile=auxiliar.0},
when auxiliar.0 is a ps file with llx and lly no 0.

I've concocted the following minimal test case,
that I run in a Debian Jessie (stable) OS
with TeX Live installed:

1 File: auxiliar.mpost (8 lines)

charcode:=0; cm#=28.45276;
w:=4cm#*pt; h:=2cm#*pt; d:=1cm#*pt;
pickup pencircle scaled 1pt;
draw (0,0) -- (0,h) -- (w,h) -- (w,0) -- cycle;
draw (0,0) -- (0,-d) -- (w,-d) -- (w,0);
draw (-1cm,-2cm) -- (w,h);

2 Run: mpost auxiliar.mpost

You will get ps file auxiliar.0 (612 bytes).
mpost version 1.999.

3 File: test.tex (1 line)


4 Run: tex test.tex

You will get dvi file test.dvi (228 bytes)
tex version 3.14159265.

5 Run: dvips test.dvi

You will get ps file test.ps (27 kB).
dvips(k) version 5.994.

6 Run: dvipdfmx test.dvi

You will get a pdf file test.pdf (2 kB).
dvipdfmx version 20140317.

7 Compare the outputs of test.ps and test.pdf

They are different!
Look at the location of letters A and B.

Best regards, 
   Ramón Casares

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