[tex-live] getnonfreefonts doesn't indicate update for garamondx

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Dec 28 23:58:25 CET 2016

On 2016-12-28 at 17:12:47 +0100, Uwe Siart wrote:

 > There's a new version of 'garamondx' on CTAN but getnonfreefonts
 > doesn't indicate it.

Hi Uwe,
please try again.  It should work now as expected.

 > I don't know how getnonfreefonts learns about updates
 > (automatically or hand-operated).

The getfont script which getnonfreefonts loads from tug.org contains
two checksums for each package.  For garamondx they are currently

  a143ff7c9e5163f35850178dcd1996e3  garamondx.tds.zip
  2b63dc6bde1565347b3b8330bd5b888e  doc/fonts/garamondx/README

The first checksum determines whether something changed on CTAN.  It
also makes sure that you definitely download the right thing.

The second checksum is used in order to find out whether you have
installed a particular package or not or whether an update is

I have to add these lines manually.

 > But to be on the safe side I wanted to report it here.

Thank you.  I've a cron job which is executed twice a day, once before
I come back from work and once before I go to bed.  It sends me a mail
message like this:

  **** File changed on CTAN ****

  a143ff7c9e5163f35850178dcd1996e3  install/fonts/garamondx.tds.zip
  1ced5a2bc4512dc5fc298ae21d717d63  garamondx.tds.zip

The first line is the checksum of the file on CTAN, the second line is
from the getfont script.

However, the script is not very helpful when I'm not at home.  It
would be much nicer if more things can be done automatically but I
don't see any reliable solution.

Uwe, when will I meet you at a TeX conference?  Do you consider
TUG-2017 in Poland?



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