[tex-live] strange output from "tlmgr install --all"

jack tljack at forallx.net
Thu Dec 22 06:43:29 CET 2016

>     Is it within the last few days that latex-bin suddenly "needs"
> cslatex?
> No. Nothing has changed wrt cslatex since the original 2016 release, as
> far as I can recall, certainly not recently. I have no explanation for
> why these messages are newly appearing. Sorry.

Well then has something changed within the last few days in `tlmgr`, or in
the tlpdb file or its format?  Might it have something to do with the
strange ".ilist" file I now see hanging around?

Grepping around reveals the message I'm getting is coming from line 2706
of tlmgr.  I don't understand perl, though, so I can't help trace it back.

> I removed the cslatex dependency of the (disabled format) luajitlatex,
> but suspect that will not help, and may hurt. We'll see I guess. -k

We shall see.


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