[tex-live] how to get tlmgr to list installed status for packages from a given (non-installed) collection

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Thu Dec 15 16:15:40 CET 2016


> 	tlmgr update --list
> will tell you about "forcibly removed" if there are. If a collection
> is installed, all of the depending package *need* to be installed,
> otherwise tlmgr will warn you.
>> Is there a way to get the info from tlmgr ? 
> Well, of course, by parsing the output, as you suggested, but
> I admit that there is no indication in the output that tells
> you that a depending package is missing.
> Hope that helps

it does, but my message wasn't very clear about my
context : I have a non-installed collection (collection-mathscience)
and was wondering how much of its depends I already had installed
(from other collections because I rarely add packages individually;
but this year I was starting getting a bit short on disk space, hence
I did not install scheme-full)

It seems I probably have most of collection-mathscience,
whenever I try one from the output of

tlmgr info --list collection-mathscience,

I can confirm it is installed already.

Side notes

A. Typo in the doc of tlmgr check depends:

           Lists those packages which occur as dependencies in an installed
           collections, <<-- should be collection I guess

B. at first I was surprised to not recognize in collection-mathscience
any package from http://ctan.org/topic/calculation, but I guess the logic
is to put in this collection packages handling typesetting matters
which in a way or another have to do with Sciences or Math. Not packages
"doing" Sciences or Math. (I also was surprised not to see sagetex,
but then I realized it is not in TeXLive)

I checked a few at random and e.g. "binomexp" does (using "calc") some
computing of sorts.

Best wishes


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