[tex-live] fc-cache documentation ?

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 11:14:19 CEST 2016

2016-08-29 5:48 GMT+02:00 Werner LEMBERG <wl at gnu.org>:
>> It would be nice to determine first whether the cache has to be
>> updated at all.  Comparing directory listings is an inexpensive
>> operation.  XeTeX could use fontconfig (fonts.conf) in order to
>> obtain a list of directories containing fonts and in LuaTeX,
>> luaotfload maintains a list of font directories by itself.
> Actually, this operation should be done by fontconfig itself...
At least in Linux fontconfig allows cache per user but it is a
frequent source of problems. I do not know why the developers decided
that fontconfig will update its cache automatically and IMHO it was
the right decision. My /etc/fonts/fonts.conf contains (it is the
default, I have not changed it):

  Rescan configuration every 30 seconds when FcFontSetList is called

Thus I never call fc-cache myself, only in case of strange problems.
Fontconfig can handle different kinds of mispellings, I can use TeX
Gyre Termes, TeXGyreTermes or even texgyretermes. However, if I do not
specify the exact name in XeTeX, which is in this case TeX Gyre Termes
(with spaces), the XeTeX run takes a long time.
>     Werner

Zdeněk Wagner

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