[tex-live] fc-cache documentation ?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun Aug 28 12:29:12 CEST 2016

>> There is no fontconfig daemon or such thing, at least on Windows
>> (but i've never seen that too on linux) Afaik, the cache is run
>> automatically once, when fcinit() is called and does not find its
>> cache file.
> So what is needed (it would seem) is for fcinit () to check whether
> the cache is valid, and if not, to re-run fc-cache. 

AFAIK, this already happens.  However, fontconfig currently doesn't
know in advance whether building the cache will be expensive.  We have
a similar problem with lilypond; we would like to show a message

  please be patient, the font cache must be created

if necessary but fontconfig doesn't provide an API for that.


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