[tex-live] I don't know how open a TeX file.

Stephan Lukasczyk tex at lukasczyk.me
Sun Aug 14 08:31:26 CEST 2016

Dear Carles,

Please CC the list in all answers!

On 2016-08-13 17:19:24, Carles Setó Salvia wrote:
>You are right and I had already tried to open my .tex files with the
>editor TeXworks (Windows 7 recommended it), unfortunately without
>success. For that reason, I think is possible (I am not sure) that my
>trouble could be related to corrupt registry structure on Windows.

I can't imagine that this would be a reason.  Try to open TeXworks,
select "File" -> "Open" from its menu bar and select your TeX file.
Obviously, the file needs to be somewhere on your hard disk.

If that doesn't work, I unfortunately cannot help you, because I've not
used Windows for years and don't know, what current Windows does wrong
then.  Please consider to search for your problems with the search
engine of you choice (Google, Bing, ...).

>Could you recommend me some tool to check/clean/repair registry
>software to solve it?

I'm not sure that hacking the registry would help.  There might also be
a method the tell the Windows file manager to open *.tex files with
TeXworks, but I've no clue how it's done in current Windows versions.

And, as mentioned by Zdenek Wagner, please consider reading some manuals
and documentation, where everything is explained in a way it should


Stephan Lukasczyk
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