[tex-live] I don't know how open a TeX file.

Stephan Lukasczyk tex at lukasczyk.me
Sat Aug 13 18:06:55 CEST 2016

Dear Carles,

On 2016-08-13 11:49:57, Carles Setó Salvia wrote:
>I am an absolute novice in LaTeX. I have installed TeX Live 2015 on my PC (Windows 7 Home Premium), but I don't know how can I open and manipulate this attached file (eq15.tex).

together with TeX Live comes the editor "TeXWorks".  I'm not sure, if it
is installed by default on Windows or if you have to select it, when
installing TeX Live.

Search for it in your program list.  Other editors, that are made
especially for TeX and Windows are for example TeXStudio, TeXmaker, or
TeXnicCenter.  Of course, you can also use the Windows Editor (notepad),
but it doesn't provide a lot of functionality that is useful for writing
TeX files.

I hope this helps for your start.


Stephan Lukasczyk
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