[tex-live] dropped fontspec dependency ?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Aug 8 06:48:42 CEST 2016

Hi Karl,

On Sun, 07 Aug 2016, Karl Berry wrote:
>     Karl, indeed, we need
>             collection-xetex
>             collection-luatex
>     and maybe
>             collection-latexrecommended
>     to depend on 
>             collection-unicodetex
> I thought about that, but if we add those engine dependencies, then
> anyone installing those packages would end up with both xe(la)tex and
> lua(la)tex.  But many people only use one or the other.  So that did not
> seem right.

I don't see why? Someone installing
would get
but *not* collection-luatex.

Readng you other text I think you reversed the dependency. I want to
	name collection-xetex
	depend collection-unicodetex

> As for latexrecommended, that should not be necessary, if it is, maybe

Hmm, I am quite sure that *several* packages in colelction-latexrecommended
depend on packages in unicodetex.

> P.S. Belated idea: maybe it would be better to forget the new collection
> and just add all those packages to c-latexrecommended.  Although they

Fine with me ... They are not o big indeed.


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