[tex-live] TeX Live on Win10

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
Tue Apr 26 10:06:40 CEST 2016

Hi Siep, I've got the screen dump from the user (attached, I've removed his name)

He is on 

Win 10 home version 1511.

I've asked him to test making a folder in c:\ and describe what happens.

Maybe it should catch the error better and give the user an error message, I think a lot of normal users get scared by a back trace like that.

/Lars Madsen
Institut for Matematik / Department of Mathematics
Aarhus Universitet / Aarhus University
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On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 05:28:57PM +0000, Lars Madsen wrote:
> We did not try creating it manually, once we got the error we just ran the installer as admin
> I thought you meant that running the installer as normal user should have prompted a uac

No. As I wrote earlier, a normal user should be able to create
c:\texlive without a UAC prompt. As I wrote before, sometimes
Windows appears to need time to realize what it has done.

But before adding a delay, I would like some confirmation that that
was the problem, and not something else.

Siep Kroonenberg
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