[tex-live] TL'16 pretest luatex fails with "Fatal format file error".

m at mmmmarascio.xyz m at mmmmarascio.xyz
Fri Apr 22 19:49:50 CEST 2016

Thanks for your attention.

scrīpsit Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:

> The solution is the following: After calling
> 	tlmgr paper .....
> or similar, a copy is generated in texmf-config, because otherwise the
> changes might get overwritten.
> This file (at least)
> 	texmf-config/tex/generic/config/pdftexconfig.tex
> needs to be removed!

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve my problem: I get the same "Fatal
format file error" when I call luatex after trying each of the following
(with appropriate privileges).

1. removing $TEXMFSYSCONFIG/tex/generic/config/pdftexconfig.tex
2. running `tlmgr paper letter` then removing
3. running `tlmgr paper letter` then moving
   $TEXMFSYSCONFIG/tex/generic/config/pdftexconfig.tex to

I notice that the original file in
$TEXMFDIST/tex/generic/tex-ini-files/pdftexconfig.tex doesn't change when
I run `tlmgr paper letter` (with appropriate privileges): here, the paper
size remains A4; I dunno whether this is what's supposed to happen.

My next step will be to reinstall TL'16.


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