[tex-live] getnonfreefonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Apr 15 00:12:45 CEST 2016

Hi Palle,

    My script looks for the .sty file. And it is not part of TeX Live. 

I'm sure this is not the only such case.  

    I never considered the possibility that latex support file is *not*
    part of TeX Live while the font itself is not.

It is not uncommon for the font and LaTeX support to be developed by
different people at (radically) different times.

Also, some fonts are available only in OTF/TTF format.  For these, no
.sty (or .map, .tfm, etc.) file would be normal.  I see you do scan for
this, e.g., GNU Freefont (should be "GNU" not "Gnu" btw) and XITS are
listed as "OTF only".  (And they are listed as "part of TeX Live", yay.)

However, the Asana-Math package, with fonts Asana-Math.otf and
ASANA.TTC, http://ctan.org/pkg/asana-math is not listed on
Not sure what happened there.

(BTW, on that page, and about.html and anywhere else, "Opentype" should
be "OpenType". :)
    I still don't know whether to characterise [antiqua] as included in
    TeX Live or not...

For now, don't worry about it.  If there are problems getting
antiqua.sty into TL, I'll write you.  It won't happen instantly, but it
should be doable.

I see about.html starts with:
  The aim of The LaTeX Font Catalogue is to display all free fonts
  available for easy use with LaTeX, 
so at least it is consistent for antiqua.sty to be omitted ...


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