[tex-live] htlatex biblatex/biber in tl2015prtest

Philippe Spiesser spiesser at laas.fr
Thu May 28 17:50:57 CEST 2015


Since I use updated TL2015-prtest, this example don't give any 
bibliographic references when I use htlatex, biblatex with biber backend 
; it's OK only when I use bibtex backend.

Always with tl2015, it's OK with pdflatex and biblatex/biber.

It's also OK with texlive-2014 for htlatex and pdflatex and biblatex 
with biber or bibtex.
I think
Here is the example :


   \AtBeginDocument{\let\FDP at space\FDP at colonspace}

     title = {TeX Live},
     url = {https://tug.org/texlive/},
     organization = {TeX Users Group},
     year =       {2014}

\defbibnote{web}{Banalités de base}

\printbibliography[prenote=web, type=online, notkeyword=mandatory, 



	Philippe Spiesser

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